iTEP 紹介ビデオ

iTEP を開発したアメリカ本国の Boston Educational Services によって iTEP 紹介ビデオが作成されました。iTEP を広めるために、どうぞ皆さまご自由に共有してください。

Video transcript

iTEP, or International Test of English Proficiency, is an English assessment test designed to be more convenient, comprehensive, and affordable for students and administrators alike. It can be taken on-demand over 90 minutes at secure test centers all over the world. In addition to iTEP’s detailed score report, administrators can access speaking and writing samples to get a more complete picture.

There are three types of iTEP exams.

iTEP Academic is used for admissions by colleges and universities all over the United States. Intensive English programs or IEPs often use the test for placement. It can even be taken at home in these cases. iTEP scores match up to CEFR levels and can easily be compared to other tests.

iTEP SLATE, or Secondary Level Assessment Test of English, is specially designed for young learners and used by boarding schools and private high schools. In fact, iTEP SLATE is the most widely available and technologically advanced English test made for this market.

ITEP Business tests a speaker’s fluency in workplace English. It is used by large and small companies for hiring decisions, promotions, and progress monitoring. Each iTEP exam is also available in its Core form, which lasts an hour and is scored immediately.

Please see what other industry professionals have to say about iTEP exams.

iTEP is an accurate and reliable measure of our students’ ability to speak English. It’s a very convenient test for them. It’s less expensive than other tests and we get the results much more quickly so we can make an admission decision without the student having to wait a long period of time. For us, iTEP has been a better measure of our studentsr’ ability to be successful in their classes.“

(Denise Kinsella, Associate Dean, International Education Center, Santa Monica College)

My name is Roger Riske, and I’ve been working in the international secondary school exchange field for more than 30 years and I have found that the SLATE test developed by Boston Educational Services is by far the most reliable, secure, and user-friendly test available on the market. It gives secondary school admissions officers and counselors the necessary information to evaluate all aspects of students’ linguistic abilities: writing, reading, and understanding.

(Roger Riske, President Emeritus, Educational Resource Development Trust)